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Special Education

At Lebanon Borough, we believe all kids can succeed! As part of our commitment to help all students reach their potential, we offer a special education program in all grades to identify, evaluate, and serve those students with special educational needs, disabilities, and/or giftedness. Our program complies with New Jersey Administrative Code and educates all students in the least-restrictive environment.

Child Study Team

Our child study team is a multi-disciplinary group of educational professionals responsible for conducting evaluations to determine eligibility for special education services and providing those services to children who qualify.


Identification Meeting

An identification meeting will be scheduled within twenty calendar days of a child study team referral. The purpose of an identification meeting is to review all available data to determine whether or not an evaluation for special education and related services is appropriate. More information about our referral process is available on the New Jersey Special Education website.

Request a Child Study Team Meeting

If you would like to request a child study team meeting, please contact our director of special services, Bruce Arcurio.

Child Find

Pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and New Jersey Administrative Code, Title 6A:14, Special Education

The Lebanon Borough School District has a responsibility to locate, identify, and evaluate all resident students with disabilities who are in need of special education and related services, including students with disabilities attending nonpublic schools and those deemed to be homeless but remaining the responsibility of Lebanon Borough School. The school district locates, identifies, and evaluates, when appropriate, children below school-entry age (3-5) and school age children. Upon written request, the district will conduct an initial identification meeting for any resident child to determine whether a referral for evaluation for special education and related services is appropriate. You may make such a request in writing to Bruce Arcurio, Director of Special Services, Lebanon Borough School, 6 Maple Street, Lebanon, NJ 08833. The school district provides special education and related services for children ages 3 to 21. Information for children with potential disabilities or those with disabilities from birth to three is available through Project Child Find, (a service established by the N.J. Department of Education through IDEA, Part B funds from the U.S. Department of Education) at (800) 322-8174. We invite you to read more about this program in our Child Find flyer.

Special Services Staff

Our special services staff is comprised of experts in their field who are dedicated to developing education plans and delivering services vital to meeting each student’s needs. Our three full-time SPED teachers work with students both in and out of the regular classroom. We also have a school social worker and a speech and language specialist on campus three days per week.

Bruce Arcurio
Director of Child Study Team

Kelly Heller
Social Worker

Tammi Sarnoski
Resource/Special Ed Teacher

Diane Dulovich
Resource/Special Ed Teacher