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Our general music classes have been focusing on literacy this month. Our lower grades performed songs on their personal percussion kits while following a listening map for Haydn’s “Surprise” Symphony. We also learned about Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf. Through Peter and the Wolf, we have been exploring the three families of instruments and using our imaginations to determine the characters’ actions and feelings throughout the piece. We also followed a listening map to guide us through the story and instrument changes. The upper grades have been using the rhythm pyramid to help with note/rest value relationships and to compose rhythms in a variety of time signatures. The third-grade students have been focusing on reading pitches on the treble clef staff to prepare for their recorders later in February.

This month, our Fourth Grade Beginner Band began their repertoire to perform in their first concert this spring. We are very excited to put these songs together. Now that we are confident in playing our first six pitches, we realized how many songs we can quickly read and play just by mixing up the order of the pitches. Our fifth and sixth-grade band began two of their spring concert pieces. We voted on a selection of songs to help keep our repertoire challenging and varied in style and looked for contrast in the pieces. We have some really exciting songs in the works for our spring concert! Next month, we will really be dissecting the repertoire and working through one section at a time in order to begin piecing it together.


We have had a busy January. We started off the year with the story, Ish. This story is heartwarming and shows that we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves when creating. It's about having fun, enjoying the process, and not being so critical! After reading, classes completed a listening task that was a mystery drawing. It was supposed to be a snowman, but most came out snowman-ish. Students were very good sports about how their creations turned out.

Classes have been also working, talking, brainstorming, and discussing what engineers do. We have learned what constraints and criteria are in a project or assignment and have been practicing how to succeed when they are part of our challenges. Creating a snowman with strict criteria and constraints was a lot of fun! Could you make a 12-inch snowman stand on its own out of six sheets of paper, four pipe cleaners, and tape? Congratulations to those that really thought outside the box and achieved this! All classes then enjoyed the story, A Sled for Gabo. We used slopes and Legos to create sleds that met specific criteria when going down the hill. The students were not only showing off their engineering minds but their creativity as well!

We have worked with coding and combining our knowledge of sequencing, loops, and functions to clean up a dirty beach on the Kodable website. Looking forward, kindergarten through third graders will be learning about Wilson Bentley, the man who photographed snowflakes and discovered that there are no two alike! We will then create snowflakes according to the patterns he has found. The trick will be following the patterns but making sure they are unique. And, of course, there will be constraints and criteria! Fourth through sixth grade will be working with some interesting 40-minute challenges that will test their ability to plan, test, and assess, again with those fun constraints and criteria!

We have kicked off the year with a fun unit called the Lego Skyscraper Challenge! Students have learned about skyscrapers, how they are made, and how they are made safely. Then, in teams, students build the tallest and sturdiest skyscraper they could in the time given with Legos. The extra challenge will be improving our design to withstand earthquakes or the Mrs. Lawn earthquake simulator. We will learn how the engineers prepare for this and then adjust our creations/designs!